“Education takes you places”

The Baby Boomers Preparatory Academy

We, at Baby Boomers Preparatory Academy, are firm believers that it is critical to contribute to the intellectual growth of young people, to ensure the success of these individuals in the years to come. 


Nurturing creativity and exploration in learning and Meeting the needs of children and the expectations of parents

educational programs

Providing educational programs that consistently meet or exceed quality assurance criteria

Our foundation

Building and maintaining our school on a foundation of integrity, honesty, trust, and high standards

Our Mission

The creation of one-of-a-kind educational settings that are founded on credible research, qualified instruction, group sizes that encourage academic performance, and the provision of experience that makes it possible for all students to build a foundation of skills necessary for long-term success is the primary goal of our organization.
We select high-quality educational programs that are inclusive of all participants and easy to access available to children who come from a variety of different backgrounds.

Why Early Childhood Matters

Communities need to invest in their own children by supporting access to high-Quality early care and educational programs.

Parts of the brain

The fact that the brain matures in the world
When a child is born, the parts of the brain that handle thinking, and remembering as well as emotional and social behavior are underdeveloped.

children at risk

Less than minimal care places children at risk
Early childhood educators and staff are often untrained and underpaid, and adult/child ratios are often inadequate. Less than minimal care places children at risk.

brain growth

most brain growth takes place in the years before 5
Even though we know that most brain growth takes place in the years before 5, studies show that most public spending on children takes place after 5.

School Readiness Programs

Baby Boomers Preparatory Academy understands that parenting may be challenging, especially during a child’s early years.  We give tools and assistance to help parents through this crucial stage in their child’s development.
Our School Readiness programs teach kids what they need to succeed in school and life.  We nurture language, reading, social, and emotional skills to prepare our child for the world.

The Baby Boomers Preparatory Academy

Children from 0-6 months are enrolled in our infant program, then transition to the Toddler program,  then to Pre-K, then transition to Kindergarten until age 5, and prosper under our supervision until 6 years of age, which offers a secure and engaging atmosphere.  in which they are free to explore and learn through the mediums of play, music, and art, which offers a secure and engaging atmosphere in which they are free to explore and learn through their environment of what learning is all about.