About Us

Our Mission:

The creation of one-of-a-kind educational settings that are founded on credible research, qualified instruction, group sizes that encourage academic performance, and the provision of experience that makes it possible for all students to build a foundation of skills necessary for long-term success is the primary goal of our organization.

Our Vision:

To provide the highest quality educational alternative for all students in expanding, global learning communities supported by enthusiastic educators and innovative programming.

Baby Boomers Preparatory Academy

We Believe In:

  • Nurturing creativity and exploration in learning
  • Respecting children, parents, employees, and the environment
  • Meeting the needs of the children and the expectations of the parents
  • Providing educational programs that consistently meet or exceed quality assurance criteria
  • Developing and constantly improving instruction delivery
  • Building and maintaining our school on a foundation of integrity, honesty, trust, and high standards
  • We are a multicultural diversified educational school that believes that education is a global innovative language known throughout the world.

We're Well -Versed and Compassionate Faculty at Baby Boomers

Our well-versed and compassionate faculty members inspire a lifelong passion for education while also fostering students’ social and emotional development. The children in our preschool program vary in age from three to five years old, and the curriculum emphasizes the development of fundamental skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative thinking. Play-based activities are used to assist learning by our teachers. These activities provide students with opportunities for discovery, experimentation, and self-expression.
We select high-quality educational programs that are inclusive of all participants and easy to access available to children who come from a variety of different backgrounds.